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Should've Read the Instruction Manual

I share how I learned to use the Spotify Web API.

Should've Known Some Computer Science

I realize that to be an even better frontend developer, I could get to know Computer Science principles.

How do I make a Web Assembly Web Application With Rust?

This was a fun project to see how to make a web application with web assembly.

Build Tools Revolution

Probably the biggest web development hype is about build tools and it's a good thing.

How do I use RxJS with Angular appropriately?

I believe I just learned the best way to use RxJS in Angular.

Ownership at My Job

I realized that once I fully committed to my job, I got a lot more done and I got more ambitious.

Bugs aren't always front-end

Just because a bug looks like it comes from the front-end doesn't mean that it is truly a front-end bug.

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