A little while ago, I decided it was time to switch jobs. I wasn’t getting the career progression that I thought I could be getting. Plus, it’s great to have an occasional refresh every now and then. So I started to look for new jobs and what could help me progress my career.

One of the places I applied to was Google. The interview process was probably the kindest I’ve ever done. Usually the interview process is so intense. But Google was so informative and helpful. As part of their interview process, I was instructed to brush up on Algorithms and Data Structures. Thanks Google! I’ll try that out.

Google gave material to study, and I found stuff to read. As I studied, I realized there were some computer science I already knew; I just didn’t know the term. I was learning, and as such I found the value of learning this topic that was commonly disliked in college.

The Google interview came, and I eventually was able to answer the data structure and algorithm question. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue in the process. I do believe that Google gets a bunch of candidates, and I may have been unlucky. Or it could be Google’s policy to reject first time applicants. Unless that person is a genius, then that isn’t the case. Grab that guy as soon as possible! If a first time applicant is rejected, then Google can see how interested the person is with working at Google. I was instructed to apply again sometime.

Anyway, I want to study Data Structures and Algorithms a bit more because it can definitely help how I code. For example, with Big O Notation, I can see which functions are not well optimized. It might even help me to understand what other smart people are saying.