The front-end world is in the middle of a build tools revolution. ESBuild has changed things, and probably for the better. I believe ESBuild was the first prominent build tools that wasn’t built with JS. Instead, ESBuild was built with Golang. Thanks to that, ESBuild was able to build web apps very quick. It was great!

But sure enough, other build tool started to show. SWC emerged as a new build tool similar to ESBuild. SWC however was built with Rust. Other established build tools started to imitate the speediness of SWC and ESBuild. And eventually, I should say, a couple new JS runtimes emerged to show how NodeJS could work faster: Deno and Bun.

Developers are always looking how to make things faster. And development is getting better because of it! These build tools are worth keeping an eye on.



Parcel. Started mixing in some Rust in there.