I want to make public my URL resources list. It has been a museum of carefully curated URLs that I would find helpful for any front end web developer. Hopefully other types of developers and software engineers would find use with it too!

I do recognize that there are plenty of “Awesome” lists out there, so I just thought I would help contribute to the public knowledge of great things. Some of these things are great!

How about an app store that promotes offline first designs, like Appscope? That is an PWA store. Being a PWA store, a lot of them are naturally free to use! Some of those PWAs are absolutely fantastic! Speaking of which, I would sure love to make these knew websites as PWAs…

What about when a developer is looking for a general set of icons that are free do use? Then a developer can find Feather Icons or Font Awesome! Then a developer would be grateful and surely remember to follow their licenses.

I hope developers find as much interest in these websites as I have! Here is the repository for my list of web developer resources.