There was a Silicon Slopes Summit where big tech leaders go together. One of them was Tim Cook from Apple! Here is what he had to say as quoted from Deseret News.

Technology should serve humanity and not the other way around. And that’s what I see here.

Sometimes people are so looking forward to the next thing … that they forget the real joy of life is the journey

That’s high praise of Utah. With that praise from Tim Cook, granted, that isn’t a perfect statement. Optimistically, there are situations in which technology serves humanity; people are taking advantage what technology can offer. Technology should should serve humanity. And that is what I would love to strive for in my personal life. I have meditation and journaling apps on my phone. Those are probably my two most valuable things that I keep on my phone.

Speaking about keeping my journal on my phone, Cook also touched on privacy rights. He said that it is a fundamental belief (at Apple) that a person’s phone can hold more information than anything else, even one’s own home. Phones need no back-door even from the good guys. Considering all the information that in journal (shout out to DayOne), I really don’t want people being able to sneak into my phone! Unless of course they are trusted, like my wife.

So I trust in the direction that Apple is going. Of course, Apple isn’t a perfect company, and because of their imperfections I’m not going to condemn them. Being a front-end web developer, I would certainly like that they have Safari keep up with Chromium based browsers. Browsers aside, Apple is make great strides to trying to get technology to serve people by implementing hopefully rigorous privacy and application standards.

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Deseret News.