It’s so difficult to keep track of meetings and who is attending them. Maybe one is going to the park, and another is going to go sky-diving. There are many, many, many different kinds of people that pop up in the meetings.

So, how to keep track of them? There needs to be a Meeting Keeper! And it’s a smart one too! The meeting keeper can keep track of your sky-diving nature-grazing attendee!

Check it out today!


Happy April Fools! I like how today in the developer community are good hearted jokes. And people get a laugh out of them! So far Cassidy Williams in Netlify has been the best I would say!

Anyway, this Meeting Keeper project has been interesting to build! It first started out with Deno and Postgres in the backend, and then the front end was just vanilla JavaScript. It worked out really well! This was the first major thing in Deno that I’ve developed. I really like the native toolchain in Deno! Built in linting and testing. One thing that I really liked was handling your own build scripts in your own shell script files. NPM scripts seems to get crowded really quick in that one npm scripts object. I guess maybe I can do the same in Node projects as I did with Deno?

But I anticipated to kind of use Meeting Keeper. And I encountered some problems that I could not solve with Deno, at least not yet. So I did a quick jump to a Typescript-Express-Postgres backend service. That actually worked quite well, except that for some reason I could get the Docker Postgres image to write when I needed it to. I don’t remember much of these details; I just didn’t want to figure it out.

So I simplified the project even more with making a static JSON file database. The end project is a vanilla JavaScript front end single page application. And the back-end uses Typescript Express and static JSON file as a database. If I ever use this project, I’ll deploy it to digital ocean. Easy!

Simple enough for my probable uses if I’ll ever use it!