A dark and mysterious cave entrance lies before you. The cave is home to a mysterious beast that hardly anyone has seen. Rumors swirl around this beast. People say the beast is covered in hair and even walks on two legs. It could be like one of us! But there has never been any picture sketched of the best. It likes to live in the cave; therefore, it has never stood still enough for anyone to sketch a picture.

Why are you at this cave entrance? You think it is an adventure. You also know that the beast has never left the cave. The beast must need food, therefore the beast needs to eat. It could be hungry. So as an act of your sympathetic heart, you are carrying an offering of food for the beast. Hopefully the beast can accept the peace offering and leave the ominous cave. Maybe the cave can be used for something better.

You slowly approach the cave entrance. There is a solid white wooden door to the entrance of the cave. Wow, the beast is a little sophisticated. Nobody mentioned a door. The beast knows how to use a door? Someone has written an unknown language on the door. You don’t understand it. The beast has some language? Hopefully, it can understand what you say. You hesitantly make a plan to present the food to the beast. It sounds good. Maybe.

You lower the food to the ground next to the door. You knock three times and you take three large steps back. As you stand there waiting you spin and squat three times. At the end of the ritual you feel a little dizzy. The villagers recommended to do the ritual to appease the beast. You’re not sure it’ll work.

Slowly, the door creaks open. A large shadow appears and a low tone growl echoes from the cave. The growl sounds like the beast is asking, “what’s up”. You stumble over your words. “I uhh brought some food. I hope it makes you… uhh… happy!” The door bursts open. You close your eyes and brace for the attack. Your approach was going so well!

Nothing happens. The beast love suspense! Oh no, what a terrible way to die. After a dreadful 5 seconds, you hear a loud snap and a crunch. You slowly unclench your eyelids. A man stands in front of you. He is wearing a green t-shirt, grey khakis, and canvas shoes. His face is bearded and he does have hair. This beast looks remarkably, well, normal. The man smiles unthreateningly wide and exclaims, “I sure to do love carrots!”