how to make a js framework

Wow there are a lot of JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks were made by normal people? Wow! I want to do the same! But how do I make one?

Learn what is a JavaScript framework

You know what JS is. It’s a programming language that has evolved dramatically over the recent years!

Search the definition of the word “framework”.

A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.

Okay. So a JavaScript framework is something to support JavaScript! Maybe even make coding JavaScript easier!

Learn what is a JavaScript library

Unlike an actual library, a JavaScript library does not have any books. Or does it…

Books are involved with JavaScript? I have to write a book? Even a library of books about JavaScript?

Learn what an NPM package is

Like Amazon, NPM (Node Package Manager) can ship to you packages! And it usually doesn’t involve any money charge! Nor does it involve any postage! Ship your own created package free of charge!

Learn prototypes, or another way to make library


What will your NPM package do?

Draw triangles in a canvas element! I love triangles and what to do everything with triangles! Jen Simmons said to do something better graphically with the web.

Think up an awesome name

Since this is triangles… How about Angular!

Make sure no one else has that awesome package name

Ah… Angular is taken already… How about Triangular!

Make sure no one else has made your package already

Ahh shoot…

If someone already did, then make yours better

Also have some trigonometry functions with the triangles! Mix the two together for utility and function! I think…

Publish package and wait for it to be downloaded

Going to NPM… done!

Wait for people to use it

I’m still waiting for people to use it…